Australian Flora Collection. Small. Waratah artwork design by Braw Paper Co.

Artist Australian Flora Collection Botanical Blooms Scent

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We are thrilled to announce  our collaboration with Perth artist Braw Paper Co.

Braw Paper Co. is a Fremantle based design studio established in 2018.

They strive to capture the stunning colour palette of the environment through intricately detailed and  textured mixed media illustrations and digital collage.

All of their illustrations begin as abstract, hand painted layers using a variety of materials from inks, acyclic paint, paper collage.

They then add layers of pattern and texture through mark making with found natural objects, such as sticks, seed pods and dried leaves.

Illustration on labels are of Braw Paper Co’s Waratah artwork.

Comes beautifully gift boxed with the same illustration label going up over the top of the box.


‘ Botanical Blooms ‘
Includes notes of
Jasmin, ylang ylang, sandalwood, white cedar, sweet amber, anise and tonka bean.

An Aussie bushwalkers dream of sweet smelling flowers and a slight woody scent.

We have used a pure cotton wick and 100% natural soy wax together with phthalate free fragrance oil.
Hand poured in our studio in Perth WA.

Large Vessel - 400g x 2 wicks - 80 hr burn time approx

Height - 10cm Width 9.5cm

Small Vessel - 200g - 40 hr burn time approx