Hi, I'm Jacqui, sole owner and creator of Flame it Candle Co.
I’m from Perth, Western Australia.
I’ve always loved the ambience of candles in my home and how it creates that coziness, warmth, and even helps give you an emotional boost. Their brightness makes me feel that there is light in the dark.
This passion has led me to making my own candles and starting up my own business in 2016 after many months of testing and studying in the industry.
Each candle is hand poured in small batches at home and i always use 100% natural soy wax which ensures a cleaner and environmentally friendly burn time. 
All our fragrances are all phthalate free.
All our products are vegan and not tested on animals.  
All our boxes are recyclable and our labels we use are printed with 100% recyclable paper and vegetable based ink.
I’m passionate about reusing and recycling all our vessels and offer a refill option online.
You can reuse our vessels as vases, wine glasses, makeup brush holders for your bathroom or even for stationary holders in your study, the list is endless.
Thank you for shopping with Flame it Candle Co Perth and I hope you love my candles as much as I love making them for you.

Jacqui xx